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The Voice of the Feminine Salons

Break the spell of silence and speak from a place of authenticity, connection and confidence.

Becoming the Lotus Salon

We are blossoming AS we stand in the muddy waters of life. We don’t have to wait for perfection. Bloom where you are!

Abdominal & Breast Massage

Bring awareness through breath and touch to release stagnant energy and recover vitality.

Celebrating 10 Years of ‘How Do You Pray’

Inspiring Responses from Religious Leaders, Spiritual Guides, Healers, Activists & Other Lovers of Humanity
(Monkfish Book Publishing: July 8, 2014)

As we look for hope and inspiration in the midst of it all this book continues to be a great resource. If you already have a copy, take it off the shelf. If not, you can get it from the usual places.

To celebrate this anniversary I’m offering a signed hardcover limited edition for $15 plus $10 shipping.

Here is a short and entertaining video from the book release at Santa Fe Soul:

The Voice of the Feminine salon was very shamanic, bringing in the Goddesses: Quan Yin, Sekhemet, and my favorite the Black Madonna! I will continue to work with them and offer them as allies to the women in my circle. The whole thing was very informative and inspiring.

Celeste Boals

Shamanic Practitioner

My experience of Celeste’s bodywork has been extraordinary. A natural intuition exudes from her hands to carry clients into realms of healing and deep contact within the self. She is a generous and gracious practitioner.

Caryn Diel

Director of White Cloud Institute

Celeste Yacoboni is the curator of the worlds greatest spiritual practices and prayers, all put together in one beautiful, holy book and place, where anybody who believes in anything or nothing can reconnect to themselves, to God, and to why they are really here.

Marcia Wieder

CEO of Dream University

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